Stapless Stapler – How Does It Work Without Any Staples?

Office work means files, papers, reports, MIS, Vouchers and what not. Loads of paper on different heads and clump them properly is a major part of the office management. Similarly at school and colleges, there are notes, question papers, answer papers, reports etc which too needs bundling up.

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Apart from these there are many places where paper bundling properly is a major part of disciplinary and perfect execution of work. In all these places the old traditional concept of stapler with staple wire has been used to bind pages for better management of papers but now people are used to the idea of stapless stapler. Easy, convenient, safe and inexpensive this is a tool with all good qualities punched together.

Stapless staplers have various designs and are available at different shapes and sizes and also in bright eye-catching multiple colors. The stapless stapler is usually made of plastic or maybe metal and have a spring construction inside which has considerable flexibility. The stapless stapler is lightweight objects with funky shapes and also with size that can fit into a very small place like your back pocket, your purse or can fit into a keychain. However this doesn’t mean the stapless stapler are not found in bigger sizes. The larger sizes are also available, used in offices and homes, which are easily traceable in your desk and drawers. The funky shapes of stapless stapler are the coolest attraction. The animal shapes of stapless stapler are best for home purpose with children who love them as a toy. And the sleek elegant designs are formal enough for the office purpose.

The process to use the stapless stapler is easy and you don’t need to do much struggle with paper binding. You just need to insert the pages bound together into the stapleless stapler and the punch on the papers with it, a v shaped tab is made in the corner folding it on itself and thus binding it. The clamp looks like a small paper pocket.  Stapless stapler successfully binds together the pages without the use of metal pins and metal staple wires. The etona stapler is also good tool for binding. The etona stapler works the duties of there, staples, tacks and binds. Relieve from the old technology metal staples and the wires which use to be jammed or pricked in fingers or hitched into clothing or clamped into your shoe souls. The highest danger with this staples lie when you have to keep it in front of children and it’s not safe before your pets which may swallow pins or step over it. And one of the good thing of this stapless staplers is that they have no pins hence the vacuum cleaner is also benefitted.

The stapless stapler is an environment friendly technology which has only good features related to it. Whether its school paper works, or bunching up home works the stapless stapler is always best for the parents to provide their children with one. These are light weighted and easy to carry hence in office work also people prefer these stapleless staplers to bind the pages. The best part of stapleless stapler is paper recycling as the pages are not damaged while opened from staple rows and thus can be perfectly used.

To conclude safe and secure stapleless staplers is better in all terms and can be used in schools, offices and homes.


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